National Action Plan on VAW
ulti-Sectoral Programme on Violence Against Women

National Action Plan on Violence against Women
The MSPVAW will take coordinating role to make a national action plan on VAW which will provide a blueprint for change—it shows us how to coordinate, prioritize and strategies for the most effective forms of action in the short, mid and long term and to measure progress to ensure that we are in the right direction. NAP will be focused on six main fields, namely, (i) legal arrangements, (ii) social awareness and mental transformation, (iii) advancement of women’s socio-economic status, (iv) protective services, (v) curative and rehabilitation services, (vi) inter-sectoral cooperation and (vii) community involvement. National, divisional and upazila level consultation meeting with various stakeholders at all levels is being undertaken in order to wider recommendations for developing the NAPVAW.